VNUS. VNUS is designed to solve a major problem female consumers are faced with by offering a large selection of trustworthy earth-friendly products, forums, content, resources and beyond. VNUS not only provides a world of quality vegan-cruelty free skin/body, cosmetics and beauty products, members can also elect to receive a monthly curated box, or subscribe to receive individual products they love. VNUS is a “Shetopia” we can trust, a community we can relate to, a place to call home. There is no place like VNUSOur primary goals are to establish VNUS as a “Shetopia” for all women, anticipate the needs of our members, continuously provide access to a wide array of fabulously priced vegan product offerings, be an escape route from the hike in prices of beauty products all over the U.S. and abroad, and eliminate wasted time in going around stores to get products. This allows us to organically learn the needs and interests of our members and curate an experience that is both comforting and effective, inevitably leading to growth, productivity and optimized experiences for each member purchasing beauty products through our unique model of operating.