VNUS Box Expands Launching a New Media Division, E-Commerce Platform and Drone Delivery Feature, Becoming The First Subscription Box Service to Offer Drone Delivery!

VNUS Box has partnered with Flytrex, a drone delivery service operating in North Carolina that recently received $40 million in funding and currently partners with Walmart, Starbucks, and local restaurants.

Through their Flytrex partnership, VNUS Box, led by Lavera Wilson, will now become the first subscription box service to offer drone delivery through “VNUS on Demand” delivering desserts and local favorites to their current subscribers and Flytrex users in serviceable areas. 

In addition to this partnership, VNUS Box has also launched a new e-commerce platform promoting Eco-Friendly beauty, skincare, haircare and apparel brands that also highlights minority owned businesses. The platform is aimed at becoming a one stop destination for women to find more of what they need to look and feel good while having a positive impact on the planet. members can enjoy a free membership gaining them access to great products, savings, and resources and/or they can become VNUS Ambassadors and earn cash rewards for referring friends and family to experience Vnus.

Historically, VNUS Box has focused primarily on the day to day wants and needs of women of color. Vnus Box Founder and C.E.O. , LaVera Wilson noticed a clear distinction in the amount of offerings and resources for African-American women and other minority groups in the Beauty, Health and Wellness space and embarked on a purpose driven mission to bridge this gap. Since its inception in 2020, VNUS has helped hundreds of small and Black-Owned businesses by carrying their products, and has gained nearly 4,000 monthly subscribers. VNUS Box will continue to offer their popular Eco-Friendly Beauty, Mental Health and wellness box and continue donating a portion of their proceeds to charities that support mental health awareness and resources to those in need.

The partnership with Flytrex will introduce a new and exciting way for subscribers and Flytrex users to experience VNUS and enjoy exciting offerings that are good for humanity and Eco-Friendly. 

“Our mission is to provide our users with a unique experience enhancing the quality of their daily lives. We seek to offer products and resources that inspire our community of Goddesses, help them along their journeys and collectively make the world an even more beautiful place. We are not product driven, we are people driven. We believe in giving back. We embrace innovation, inclusion, and empowerment. VNUS is a love letter to femininity and a promise that good in this world can and will prevail”

In addition to these new offerings, Vnus Box has launched Vnus Media Group to develop films highlighting minority groups and people of color. This comes as many streaming viewers are noticing that there is a grave disparity in the selection of films and television programing highlighting minority groups and people of color. Though in recent years, there has been a surge in diverse programming and additional cast members have been added to popular network shows to satisfy the growing demand to see more diversity. in otherwise "white" media. Still, there remains a tremendous lack of diverse programming across all streaming platforms. Vnus hopes to set the example by focusing on developing films with diverse casts and storylines.

Currently, the team at Vnus has partnered with Extraordinary Directors, Producers, and writers, including Taj Stansberry who has directed over 150 projects for some of Hollywood’s Top performers including Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and John Legend. Vnus Media Group’s first film is a documentary that is set to be an awakening look into the 100 year fight for justice for the victims of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. This documentary will be produced by LaVera Wilson, and budding Producer/Director/Actress Christina Cooper.

"We are not looking to tell the same stories we've all seen and heard. We are determined to create authentically and from a place of truth. We are eager to begin telling remarkable real stories that inspire, awaken, and connect with our audience"