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Black Soap Kit

Black Soap Kit

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Black soap is the key to a clear complexion and a bright glow! 


Offer your skin a deep cleanse with this powerful yet gentle Black Soap Foaming Facial Cleanser. Experience the powerful cleansing effects of black soap paired with calming chamomile and moisturizing honey. Fight acne and, dark spots and blemishes while indulging in Mother Nature’s best kept secrets.


Our exotic Black Soap Rejuvenation Scrub combines pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal with an African black soap base to promote fresh soft skin and fight black heads. Completely rejuvenate dry, scaly areas with this powerful exfoliant. Infused with avocado oil, Shea butter and grapefruit extract your skin is sure to be refreshed and renewed.


Enjoy the cleansing effects of traditional African Black Soap with our rich Black Soap Cleansing Shower Gel. This luxurious lather will leave your skin free of impurities and completely clarified. Infused with coconut and jojoba oils, this body wash will make every shower a pampering session.

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