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Project HEAL

Project HEAL

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Our non-profit organization dedicated to creating transformative, long-lasting change through investing in resources to fight social inequities.

Project HEAL is a 501 (c) non-profit organization devoted to providing children and families with MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES AND essentials through offering aS WELL AS  cost-free monthly essentials boxES.

 Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vnus Inc. originally offered free products to low income families.  These products included essentials, sanitizers, masks, gloves, and more.  

Our mission Is to assist those in need in any way possible.  CURRENTLY,  we provide monthly RESOURCES, MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES AND essentials BOXES to more than 1000 families ACROSS AMERICA. 

Sales AND DONATIONS enable us to do even more, and we are serving more families each month.

What makes this organization unique is that our team members collectively have several years of experience in health and wellness, philanthropy, and community outreach and organizing.  

Through our PLATFORM we are committed to providing a REWARDING AND UNIQUELY CURATED experience to our subscribers. through Project HEAL WE are committed to ensuring that fewer children and families go without THE SUPPORT that will truly help theM ALONG THEIR JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE. 

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